48 Random Facts about Germany

Germany is one of the major European countries. The most economically powerful country in Europe is a land of opportunities. Some of the interesting random facts about Germany will surely amaze you.

These random facts about Germany are as follows.

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1. The capital of Germany has shifted seven times. Berlin is the current capital of Germany.

2. The Berlin Wall divided Germany into two parts: East Germany and West Germany. The country became one after the Wall came down in 1990.

3. The Berlin Wall was brought down after an East German representative gave a wrong statement at a press conference.

4. The leader of Nazi party, Adolf Hitler, was a German.

5. Germany attacked the United States in 1917 by inviting Mexico to join the World War I.

6. The World War I killed the majority of the men population leading to the ratio of 1 man for every 3 women.

7. Approximately 5,500 World War II bombs are still discovered and defused every year in Germany.

8. Around 2,000 schools were closed in Germany during the period 1989 to 2009 because of the scarcity of students.

9. In 1916, the German people were allowed to take the passport photograph with their dogs.

10. A brewery in Germany is operating since year 1040 which makes it 1000 years old.

11. Famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Bach, etc. were born in Germany.

12. Germany is popularly known as the land of poets and thinkers.


13. Germany has 16 states, with each state having its own constitution.

14. Germany shares borders with nine European countries. They are Poland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium.

15. The country is rich in natural resources like coal, natural gas, copper and uranium.

16. The largest zoo in the world “Zoologischer Garten” is in Germany.

17. The first printed book was printed in Germany.

18. The debt of Germany during World War I was approximately 96,000 tons of gold.

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19. The official language of Germany is German.

20. About one-third energy requirements of Germany are met from renewable sources.

21. The world’s narrowest streets can be found in Germany.

22. Germany has more than 400 zoos.

23. The largest railway station in the world is in Berlin.

24. The autobahn highway is among the few highways in the world that has no speed limit.

25. Sausage and cheese are so popular in Germany that German people consume them almost regularly.

26. Germany has a legal view on what newborn babies can be named.

27. Smoking is banned in public places of Germany. However, drinking alcohol is legal.

28. When it comes to climate and energy policies, Germany is the leader.

29. Football is the national sport of Germany.

30. Munich is the second most punctual airport in the world after Tokyo in Japan.

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31. The birth rate in Germany is lowest in the world.

32. Life expectancy among German people is high. It is 83 years for women and 78 years for men.

33. Over 26 percent of the German population is above 60 years of age.

34. German people have the lowest rate of unemployment in the European Union.

35. The population of Germany has declined by 2 million during the last decade.

36. The German people can travel to 177 territories without a visa or visa on arrival.

37. Around 100 German citizens have been honored with a Nobel Prize.


38. Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world. The GDP of the country is 3.4 trillion dollars.

39. In terms of purchasing power, Germany ranks fifth in the world.

40. Germany ranks second in terms of export of goods and third in terms of import of good across the globe.

41. Germany is famous for manufacturing cars, boats and electronic items. Their sale is the major contributor to the German economy.

42. There is no tuition fee for German residents in public university.

Other Random Facts About Germany

43. German law does not punish humans who escape from prison. It follows the principle that every human has the right to be free and hence, prison escape is not punishable.

44. Germany is the second largest consumer of beer in Europe.

45. The soldiers of the German army can disobey any order given to them. However, the violation is allowed only when an order violates human dignity according to them.

46. It is illegal to run out of fuel on German highways.

47. Germany has a Museum of Snoring.

48. Chinese checkers game was invented in Germany.

The above interesting and informative facts make Germany a unique country. If you know any other interesting random facts about Germany, you can comment in the section below.

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